Privacy Policy

The protection of users’ privacy is vitally important to ZipTie (hereinafter referred to as: the “ZipTie” or “We”, “Us“, “Our”).

Below you shall find the policy concerning the personal data gathering jointly with the rules governing its processing and usage implemented and subsequently used by ZipTie (hereinafter referred to as: the “Policy” or “PP”).

We are committed to make every possible endeavor to protect Our customers’ personal data and privacy. Therefore, gathering, management, and usage of information concerning the ZipTie’s webpages users is limited to the bare minimum being required by Us in order to provide you with the highest quality services.Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (hereinafter referred to “GDPR”) establishes Us as a Data Controller. Data Controller shall be understood as an entity that independently or jointly with others determines the purposes and the means of personal data processing

What is personal data?

The personal data shall be understood as the information by means of which We may identify the customer(s) (current or prospective) and/or Our website user(s) as an individualised person(s). Identification can take place directly or indirectly.

The data being collected at Our websites relates to the activity of the user(s).The user(s) shall have a meaning being broader than the customer(s) since it(they) refers to any person or entity vising Our webpages.

What is personal data processing?

The personal data processing shall mean any operation or a set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or sharing in another way, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

What personal data do We process?

ZipTie process personal data of Its current and/or prospective customers collected within and via its webpages.

In order to provide the customer(s) with Our service We process the following personal data:

  • name and surname;
  • email address;
  • phone number.

We do not collect and process sensitive personal data such as race and ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical views, trade union membership, physical and mental health details, genetic data, biometric data, sexuality, and criminal record.

For what purposes do We process the collected personal data?

ZipTie processes the personal data in order to:

  • to provide its customers with the customised report being ordered via website and/or via any other mean(s) of communication;
  • adjust specific products and/or services to the customers’ order(s) and/or need(s);
  • improve products and services being offered by Us;
  • to ensure the security of the personal data being already collected;
  • send to Our customers a personalised marketing content.

In the case of direct (personalised) marketing, We may send Our customers offers being tailored to their needs and interests in a manner to which the given customer has already agreed to (gave consent).

The legal grounds upon which We are allowed to process personal data are dependent on the purpose for which given data was collected. ZipTie’s process personal data for the purposes deemed as the follows:

  • to provide its customers with the customised report –
    • on the grounds of the consent being given and/or
    • on the grounds of necessity for the execution or preparation of a contract to which the customer is a party;
  • to adjust specific products and/or services to its customers’ needs –
    • on the grounds of the consent being given, and/or
    • on the grounds of necessity for the execution or preparation of a contract to which the customer is a party;
  • to improve products and services being offered –
    • on the grounds of the consent being given;
  • to ensure the security of the personal data being already gathered –
    • on the grounds of the ZipTie’s and Our customers justified interest being the integrity and security of personal data already collected;
  • to send to its customers a personalized marketing content –
    • on the grounds of the consent being given.

For how long do We storage personal data?

The term upon which We are allowed to storage and therefore process personal data is dependent on the legal basis for which data gathering took place. ZipTie’s does not process personal data for a period longer than the said legal basis allows, which shall be deemed as the following:

  • personal data gathered on the grounds of the consent being given –
  • the processing period shall last until the consent is withdrawn;
  • personal data gathered on the grounds of necessity for the execution or preparation of a contract to which the customer is a party –
  • the processing period shall last until the given contract expires, or is terminated, + 6 years;
  • personal data gathered on the grounds of the justified interest –
  • the processing period shall last until such interest exists, or until the customer whose data is processed opposes to such processing, whatever appears first;
  • personal data gathered on the grounds of specific legal requirements –
  • the processing period shall last until the end of the applicable term or until the end of the given proceeding(s).

If there are no specific legal or contractual requirements for personal data retention, the basic term shall be no longer than 10 years.

Do We transfer personal data to the Third-Parties?

ZipTie may transfer personal data to the Third-Parties on a contractual basis; in this respect, pursuant to GDPRs relevant provisions We are remaining the data controller, while the aforementioned Third-Party becomes the data processor. Therefore, in each such contract, We embed terms and safety mechanisms in order to ensure Our standards for data protection – their confidentiality, integrity, and security. ZipTie retains control over the method and scope of processing by the party vested in the data processing agreement(s). As a result, the Third-Party recipients of personal data processed on Our behalf may inter alia include:

  • data protection and data security services providers;
  • data analytics services providers;
  • hosting services providers;
  • software, maintenance and/or hardware services providers;
  • marketing and/or sales representatives acting on behalf of ZipTie;
  • ZipTie’s subcontractors;
  • survey reports providers;
  • accountants, strategy and business consultants, legal and tax advisors.


To which countries do We transfer personal data?

Some of the Third-Parties (processors) to which we transfer the personal data may be based outside the European Economic Area (hereinafter referred to as: the “EEA”), in particular within the United States of America.

ZipTie remains committed to minimise the range, amount, and value of the personal data being transferred outside the EEA. In order to guarantee a constantly high level of personal data protection, We use standard contractual clauses adopted by the Commission of the European Union.

What about the references to websites other than Ziptie?

ZipTie shall not be deemed responsible for data privacy protection rules applied by other websites than, to which links are provided at the ZipTies websites. Users are requested to familiarise themselves with the data privacy policies and/or statements being placed at Our partners’ website(s).

Do We automatically process personal data?

Personal data of Our customers may be processed in an automated way, including profiling. Provided that ZipTie holds relevant consent, for such purposes, We may also cooperate in this matter with Third-Party entities.

What technologies do We use to collect personal data?


To a limited extent, we may process personal data automatically by using the cookie files. Cookies are small text files saved on your computer or mobile device whilst using the internet. These files are used to explore some of the functionalities provided by Our website or act as confirmation that a certain user saw a particular website’s content. We only use cookie files that are absolutely required for ZipTie to operate and those are used to ensure:

  • that the user’s session is maintained;
  • proper usage of log-in data.

ZipTie also uses Third-Party services that use cookie files to:

  • monitor website traffic;
  • create anonymity for collected statistics helping Us to understand when and how users usually visit Our website;
  • report on the number of anonymous users of Our websites;
  • perform websites visits analysis;
  • monitor the frequency in which the particular content is shown to the user;
  • monitor the frequency in which a particular user chooses a specified service;
  • measure the marketing effectiveness.

As of now, the following Third-Parties provide services to ZipTie:

  • Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google DoubleClick;
  • Facebook (including Instagram);
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Mailchimp;

Entry logs

We collect user information from their IP addresses by analysing entry logs. We use this information to diagnose problems related to server activity, possible security breaches, and website management. IP addresses are also used for statistical reasons, namely, to collect and analyse the demographic data of people visiting the website (i.e., regional information to define from where the given connection was made). On this basis, in some cases, general statistical tables are created and shared with cooperating Third-Parties. These tables usually contain information about websites visibility but do not, contain any data enabling identification of a single user; for this reason, shall not be deemed as a personal data.


We use a Floodlight technology which creates collective statistics about the use of Our websites. Floodlight may recognise certain information on the user’s computer, such as the number of cookies, time and date of the website visit and description of

How do We protect personal data?

ZipTie makes all possible efforts to ensure all physical, technical, and organizational measures for personal data protection are in place in order to safeguard it against: accidental and/or deliberate destruction, accidental loss, alteration, and/or unauthorised disclosure. We also assure that each and every data processing being performed by Us is in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

What are the customers’ rights with respect to the personal data We collected?

Once We collected your personal data, as a customer (current and/or prospective) you are vested with the following rights:

  • to access your personal data;
  • to rectify your personal data;
  • to remove your personal data (right to be forgotten);
  • to limit the personal data being processed;
  • to transfer your personal data to another data controller;
  • to file an objection against the way of personal data processing, which also includes profiling;
  • to withdraw your consent to process your personal data at any moment without affecting the legitimacy of processing performed on the basis of your consent being given prior to such withdrawal;
  • to file a complaint to the relevant Data Protection Authority, when you believe that personal data processing performed by Us violates the provision(s) of law.

Who is the Personal Data Controller and how to contact her?

The personal data controller is ZipTie LLC, 108 Wild Basin Rd South, Suite 250, Austin, TX 78746, United States of America.
Please contact Us via email:

What about the amendments of this Policy?

Updates in Our Policy usually reflect the technology development(s) and/or changes in the legal environment we operate in. We are also committed to follow the data protection guidelines and/or recommendations issued by the National and International Authorities.

For those reasons, we reserve the right to amend the current PP as needed.