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AI Overviews

  • What data about AI Overviews will ZipTie provide me?toggler

    ZipTie provides a variety of information about AI Overviews, including:

    • Was an AI Overview generated for a set of queries. 
    • Text of an AI Overview
    • Is your domain listed as an AI source?
    • A full list of sources chosen for AI Overviews
    • A screenshot of the AI Overview
  • How does SGE differ from AI Overviews?toggler

    “AI Overviews” is the new name for SGE (Search Generative Experience).

  • ZipTie shows there are no AI Overviews. Is it a bug?toggler

    Sometimes, Google doesn’t generate AI Overviews for specific niches or queries, such as in the finance industry.

  • Why does ZipTie show an AI Overview, but my personal check shows something different?toggler

    This discrepancy can occur for several reasons:

    • Your account may not have AI Overviews enabled. Ensure your IP address is US-based.
    • Personalization can play a massive role.
    • Google’s capacity limits: this is our understanding; if resources are low, AI Overviews might not be generated.
    • Google may have stopped generating AI Overviews for that specific query.

    The same reasons can apply if ZipTie shows no AI Overview but your manual check does.

  • What countries do you support?toggler

    At present, Google offers AI Overviews only for the United States. 

    Therefore, ZipTie only checks for US-based AI Overviews. We will update our service as Google expands to other countries.

  • How do you track AI Overviews?toggler

    Currently, the best way to track AI Overviews is by using real Google accounts. 

    At ZipTie.dev, we use this method.

    We use real Google accounts, not lab accounts.


  • What are ZipTie features?toggler

    ZipTie offers tons of useful features:

    • Google AI Overviews tracker
    • A full list of unindexed URLs
    • Get performance metrics, such as rendering time,
    • Analyze how JavaScript changes content.
    • We integrate with Google Search Console to show you insights about traffic.
  • What are the advantages of ZipTietoggler
    • – You can check the indexing of ANY website, including your competitors
    • – You can monitor the sample over time and see which URLs got deindexed
    • – Unlike in Google Search Console, you’re not limited to checking only 1000 URLs
    • You can get additional information about a given URL, structural (such as word count, title tags, structured data), performance (such as response time, page loading time), JavaScript dependence score, and more
  • What’s the accuracy of the indexing checkertoggler

    To ensure the highest accuracy, we triple-check every single URL that goes into ZipTie. Based on our analyses, our tool is accurate in 98% of cases.


    To verify ZipTie’s results, you can use the URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console.

    Note: there is a Google Search Console limit of 2k URLs inspections per day.


  • What user agents does ZipTie use?toggler

    The default user agent is the same as Chrome. However, you can specify a custom user agent while creating or editing a Project (this is useful when your server blocks ZipTie.dev).

    Default desktop User-agent:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/X.X.X.X Safari/537.36
    Where X is the current version of Chrome used by the ZipTie

    Default mobile user-agent: 
    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/X.X.X.X Mobile Safari/537.36
    Where X is the current version of Chrome used by the ZipTie


  • Will ZipTie give me any additional information about my URLs apart from indexing stats? If so, what specific details will it provide?toggler


    We present additional information about the URLs, such as:

    • – Status code, indexability
    • – Number of words (total number of words on a given page, excluding HTML markup and comments)
    • – H1 tags, Title tags
    • – Various performance metrics, including rendering time, CPU used 
    • – Core Web Vitals metrics (Largest Contentful Paint, Cumulative Layout Shift)
  • Does ZipTie provide technical SEO services? What should I do if I realize that many of my pages are not indexed?toggler

    Yes! If you need help with indexing issues or technical SEO overall, feel free to contact us!

  • How to upgrade my plan? toggler

    You need to visit the Profile page and then click on Change Plan.

    You can then select the plan that fits your needs best.



Using ZipTie - indexation module

  • What is a Sitemap check?toggler

    ZipTie will check which URLs in the sitemaps you provided, aren’t indexed in Google. By default, ZipTie will check all URLs in sitemaps. There is one exception though: if you limit the number of URLs, ZipTie will choose URLs randomly to fit into the limits.

    Example: let’s assume there are 10k URLs in your sitemaps:

      • – if you set limit to 10k, ZipTie will check all URLs
      • – if you set limit to 1k, ZipTie will choose 1k randomly
      • – if you set limit to 100k, ZipTie will check all URLs and return 90k surplus credits
  • What is a URL list check?toggler

    ZipTie will check which pages from your custom list of URLs aren’t indexed in Google.
    Useful if you want to check very specific URLs. For instance, when you want to check a list of the most important products in your ecommerce store, or the latest news from your website. 

    Your list should only contain URLs you want to check, separated with newlines, and without commas.
    The list can be provided in two ways:

      • – Copy-paste your list
      • – Upload a TXT file
  • How does sitemap/URL validation work?toggler

    Before creating an audit ZipTie will try to check whether the URLs you have provided are eligible for checks.

    ZipTie verifies the URL structure and whether the connection to the website is successful.

    If you are certain that the URL is correct, it is possible that the website protection systems are effectively blocking ZipTie from accessing it. To solve this problem, you may need to add a certain User Agent to your domain whitelist, and pass it to ZipTie (in the Custom User Agent field in the Project advanced settings).

    Contact us if the problem persists.

  • What is a Crawl mode?toggler
    • This mode works like an SEO crawler, such as ScreamingFrog. ZipTie will crawl your website, starting with the specified URL (usually the homepage), until it reaches the selected URL limitZipTie will then check indexable URLs and use them in further analyses. 
      • – Perfect for websites that don’t have sitemaps
      • – Tends to be slower than the others


  • Why no URLs were found in my sitemap?toggler
    • ZipTie currently supports XML and RSS sitemaps only.
      If you have a TXT or HTML sitemap, extract the URLs and paste them into the URL list mode.
    • Ensure that your sitemap is valid.  The easiest way to ensure your sitemap is valid is to check it’s validity via Google Search Console, or by checking the sitemap by an SEO crawler.
  • Why a page is reported as not indexable?toggler

    Before indexing check, ZipTie checks if a page is indexable (eligible for indexing). ZipTie will mark a page as not indexable if one of the following cases occurs:

    • – A page is returning an HTTP status code other than 200
    • – A page is canonicalized to another page
    • – A page is blocked by robots.txt rules
    • – A page has got a “noindex” in a meta tag or in a server’s HTTP header
  • What is Inspection mode?toggler
    – When Inspection Mode is enabled for a given audit, ZipTie will visit checked URLs and determine whether they are both indexable and indexed
    – For audits with this feature disabled, ZipTie will only check whether URLs are indexed or not, without checking their indexability
    – Inspection mode is default and recommended in most cases
  • What is JavaScript Rendering mode?toggler
    • – With JavaScript Rendering enabled, our browsers execute JavaScript on every single page. It’s crucial for JavaScript-based websites
    • – JavaScript Rendering mode is only available with Inspection Mode enabled
    • – With this mode enabled, ZipTie renders pages the same way your browser does, so the audit can take longer
  • What is Indexing monitoring?toggler
    • – Monitoring lets you track the indexing of URLs in a given audit over time
    • – You can easily detect if and when Google deindexed your URLs
    • – Enabling monitoring for audit means ZipTie will perform automatic checks of it in the interval of your choice – for example, every 7 days
    • – Credits will be used at the beginning of every check
    • – Monitoring can be enabled or disabled at any moment
    • – The number of possible monitored audits depends on your subscription plan.
  • What does the “Requests per second” field do?toggler
    • – In this field, you can specify how many times per second ZipTie will send requests to your website
    • – Higher values mean faster checking and denser traffic on your site during the check. The default rate is 4 requests per second
    • – When the server commonly returns 429 or 5xx HTTP status codes, try lowering the number of requests per second
  • Is there a limit for how many URLs I can analyze with ZipTie?toggler

    – The limit depends on the plan you use. For Advanced plan you can run analyses of up to 100 000 URLs per audit. If the limit isn’t enough for you, please contact our support

  • How many audits can I run at the same time?toggler
    • It depends on the plan you use. 

    Currently, you can run 5 audits at the same time
    Additionally, you can have up to 5 audits with monitoring enabled

  • How long will I have to wait for the audit to complete?toggler
    • – It heavily depends on:
      • – ZipTie’s current queue
      • – how fast your server responds
      • – the number of features you’ve enabled
    • – You can track progress in the dashboard
  • I want to check the indexing status of product and blog pages separately. How can I do it?toggler

    The easiest way to accomplish this is to create two separate audits:

    1. – The first for blog pages
    2. – The second for product pages

    Remember that when you launch an audit in the Crawl mode, you cannot restrict URLs to specific pages only. It can be done either via the URL list or Sitemap mode (just remember to paste URLs or sitemaps containing blog pages or product pages only).

  • I have 1 million URLs on my website. What will happen when I limit the check to 100k URLs?toggler
    • – If you choose the Sitemap mode, ZipTie will analyze 100k URLs randomly chosen out of 100 sitemaps
    • – If you choose the Crawl mode, ZipTie will run a crawl and stop it when it reaches 100k URLs. Then it extracts only indexable URLs

Subscription & payments

  • Do you offer a free trial?toggler

    Yes, we offer a 14-day free, fully functional trial

      • – You will get 10k free credits
      • – You can upgrade or cancel your subscription at any moment

    Sign up here


  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?toggler


    • – To cancel your subscription you need to go to the Profile page, then click the “My subscription & payments” button. There you can cancel your subscription
    • – Subscription will be canceled at the end of your billing period. Until then you can still reactivate the subscription
    • – When your subscription is canceled, you won’t be able to access your data. You can still regain access by reactivating your subscription


  • How do credits work?toggler
    • – The cost of an Audit is determined by two factors:
      • – the number of URLs
      • – set of enabled features
    • – The base cost is 1 credit per 1 URL
    • – Enabling Inspection Mode increases the cost by 1 credit per URL (total 2 credits per URL)
    • – Enabling JavaScript Rendering increases to cost by 1 credit per URL (total 3 credits per URL)
    • – If fewer URLs are found than specified, the surplus credits will be returned to your account after the check is finished



    • – Due to infrastructure challenges, AI Overviews check is more expensive, it costs 25 credits per query

  • Credits are used but I can't see my audit anywhere. Why?toggler

    Contact us and we will look into your issue.

General indexing FAQ

  • How to fix indexing issues?toggler

    There is no one to rule to fix them all. We try to share our knowledge about the topic based on our research and experience to make fixing these issues easier.

    Here are a few of our articles that you may find helpful:


    If you need professional indexing consulting, feel free to contact us!

  • Why does ZipTie show that it’s over 9000%?toggler
    • It seems you have indexing issues. Use ZipTie to diagnose your indexing problems. 

Still have a question?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always write to us at contact@ziptie.dev or use our contact form. We will answer you shortly.