Our Journey


We started our journey as SEO specialists. Clients came to us with various problems: JavaScript SEO, international SEO, etc. In our analyses, one issue was common across all problems: Indexing.

Our clients commonly struggled with indexing. Tomek was curious - could this be a more widespread issue?

He then conducted some research and noticed that MOST ecommerce stores, newspapers had problems with indexing.
We usually know that we are onto something AMAZING when Tomek (our head of R&D) starts to look like he hasn’t slept in a while. Last year we almost completely lost Tomek.
He didn’t sleep, he was constantly more excited than usual, and in a few months, uncovered a HUGE problem with almost every single large/ medium eCommerce store.
We double-checked everything over the course of a few months to verify this. It turns out we struck gold.
We noticed that on average, 27% of all pages on the web aren’t in Google databases. This means that they lose many opportunities - you cannot rank in Google if your pages aren’t indexed.
We decided to tackle this problem and help people to get rid of their indexing issues.

From this was born a tool. We called it ZipTie…

About Us

  1. Curiosity a.k.a. obsession

    Dissecting how Google Search Engine index and ranks is our passion. We love sharing insights with our clients.

  2. Born out of necessity

    We noticed that websites have huge problems with indexing in Google. The problem turned out to be bigger than we thought. We needed new tools, appropriate mindset, and.... here is how ZipTie came out.

  3. Living and breathing SEO

The Team

Built for all people engaged in SEO in need for a deep understanding and control over their indexation issues.

  • bartosz

    Bartosz Góralewicz Texas Ranger & Co-founder

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  • sebastian_old

    Sebastian Skowron CTO & Co-founder

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  • person1

    Tomasz Rudzki Special Ops & Co-founder

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