Quick Summary:

  • You can easily track your brand’s performance in Google AI Overviews and featured snippets on a time chart.
  • You can use tags for easier keyword filtering.
  • You can enable automatic monitoring for queries with just two clicks.

Monitor Your Success in Google AI Overviews

ZipTie.dev has made it easier for you to monitor and filter Google AI Overviews. 

Using ZipTie you can easily observe how you are successful in AI overviews.

In this case, AI Overviews were generated for 15% of queries.

But we don’t stop there! 

With the recent updates, you can quickly see how your brand performs in AI Overviews on a time chart. 

If your brand is gaining visibility in AI Overviews, you’ll notice it right away. As you can see on the screenshot below, you can see a brand’s share increase from 0% to 6.45%, gaining over 35 AI Overviews. 

Celebrate these small wins as they indicate your growing influence.

Popularity of AI Overviews over time 

ZipTie can easily show you what percentage of queries have AI overviews generated: 

In this case, the share of AI Overviews increased from around 15% to over 40%. 

Featured Snippets Tracking

In addition to AI Overviews, ZipTie also tracks your website’s success in featured snippets. 

This provides you with a comprehensive view of your brand’s visibility on Google. You can clearly see any changes in your featured snippets, helping you understand and refine your SEO strategies.

Where to find these time charts? 

You just need to scroll down the Overviews report of AI Overview Monitoring.

Easier Query Filtering with Tags

We have another great news about ZipTie.dev! 

Filtering queries is now a breeze with tags. 

By default, you can filter by clicking on “Set filters.” The new tagging feature makes it even simpler. Just select a tag, and the list of queries will automatically update. 

While adding queries, you can create new tags or choose from existing ones, streamlining the process and making it quicker to find relevant data.

Enable Monitoring in Two Clicks

Setting up monitoring is now incredibly easy. Previously, it required selecting small batches of keywords and repeating the process. 

There are now two ways of enabling monitoring. Firstly, you can enable monitoring while adding new queries. 

Second way of enabling monitoring for AI Overviews 

If you forget, don’t worry – just click “select all,” then “Manage selected,” and finally, “Monitoring.” 

This streamlined process saves you time and ensures consistent tracking of your performance.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in ZipTie.dev! 

P.S. If you still don’t use ZipTie, try our 14-day trial!